Red Fez is transitioning


As of June 1st Red Fez Social Media Will Cease Trading

Well it has been 18 years since I began this web design journey and it has been an awesome one.  Web Design has taken me all over the world,  as an employee and as an entrepreneur and as a freelancer.  I’ve enjoyed life in Southern California, living in Burbank among the hot rodding cultural capital of the world – and I’ve climbed obscure temples in Cambodia seeking tattooed monks to talk about the meaning of life.

And everything in between.

Lately my life has been transitioning away from the pursuit of money, and more towards the ideals and ideas that inspire me and power my life passion.  I walked away from a corporate gig in West Perth with the shiny office, and walked into working with a non-profit centered around educating people on sexual health. The ability to realign my life has been truly invigorating and I want more of it.

Therefore Red Fez Social Media will cease to be on June 1st 2017 and Red Fez Studios will take over.

You see while I have been busy handling clients, support, development and project management for all my clients AND 4 days a week downtown – I have quietly  been developing and promoting events and my own ideas based on social enterprise business models.

Events that have been quietly successful and extremely challenging, and I find this direction is my future.

RF Studios will be focussed on developing the annual Taboo Ball that celebrates the diverse sexuality of Perth and it’s underground music scene, as well as the West Coast Lowdown which celebrates all things kustom kulture.

In addition I will be embarking on my own social enterprise in the sexual health field, and will be investing time heavily into a new company I am launching with two incredible people in the music scene.

I understand my decision probably won’t sit well with everyone and Im ok with that – its my life journey and my life decisions, you dont have to agree with them.

What Does This Mean for Existing Clients?

Effective immediately I urge you to consider alternative arrangements.  I will not be accepting new clients, nor any new work from existing clients.  If you have a project on the go with me already we have until June 1st to finalise it and get it in the water.

As of June 1st I am putting the tools down and that will be the end of it.

You will be issued with a copy of your Client Profile which will have all your account login details for everything I have worked on, as well as a ZIP file containing all the digital assets I have been provided with.  If you make transition arrangements with another webmaster, these will be provided to them.

Its a big decision to make, and will make a massive impact on my life, so I appreciate your support and understanding – and for all the experiences and memories I have made so far.

Until we meet again


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