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Too Many Tattoo’s … or Not Enough?

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The guy behind the counter looked up as I walked in and set the buzzer off.  I made eye contact, smiled and gave him the ‘howitgoin’ nod before moving to the back of the shop, on the hunt for my purchases.  After scouring the head-high shelves and filtering out the advertising noise I was able to make my selection and head back to the counter.

The guy looked up from his magazine and gave me the ‘nod’ again, and I … [ Click to keep reading ... ]

Sell the Story – Not the Steak

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steakI’ve been reading a lot online lately, and I mean a lot. Seems I’m not the only one noticing a distinct shift in the air on the internet. The blogosphere has been alive with talk about living minimalism as a philosophy and a lifestyle, untethering oneself from excessive possessions and connections, and bringing the focus back to a ‘presence of mind’ style of life.

Awesome stuff.

I’m not sure that I will be ridding myself of all my possessions, or … [ Click to keep reading ... ]

Stop ‘Creating’ and Start ‘JOINING’

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Well I’m not sure this post it going to be all that popular.

You see what I have to say today is a bit harsh.

A bit controversial.

A bit of a bite.

I’m going to say it though, even though I know it won’t be all roses and goldfish, because I feel it needs to be said.

So here it is.


You are HURTING the people you are trying to HELP!!!

You see … [ Click to keep reading ... ]

Adding your Face to your Google Listings

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If you have been surfing the net recently, you may have noticed that some of the results that Google is returning are accompanied by a small picture of the author.  If you haven’t seen it yet, do a google search for “10 Facebook Tips” and take a look at the 2nd listing.

You should be seeing a listing for an article fro Mashable called ” 10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks” and right there on the left is a … [ Click to keep reading ... ]

Google+ Hangout for Video Interviews

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Google Hangout

Google+ has an awesome feature called Hangout that I just wanted to spotlight for a second. This is Google Plus’s video chat service for up to 10 participants at a time and it is really cool! If you ever wanted to do video interviews, this is your CAKE!

Essentially Google+ uses ‘circles’ to help you manage your friends and control who sees what information. Hangout is no different, and setting up a hangout with friends can either be a free-for-all … [ Click to keep reading ... ]

Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics

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google anayltics social media tracking

google anayltics social media tracking

Google Analytics has added a Social Media tracking component into it’s already power-house analytics offering. This confirms and builds on Google’s increasing interest in how social media collates and curates internet content – which is essentially human-moderation at it’s best.

Last year Google let slip that it was tracking the number of Tweets and Likes on pages and including them in the algorythm for search engine optimisation (SEO) – so effectively those pages which were … [ Click to keep reading ... ]


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