13 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Local SEO Consultant

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Getting your business listed and ranked well for local searches is one of the most important tasks for any business. With the increase of consumers using the internet to find businesses and services, over older techniques such as ‘letting your fingers do the walking’, it is now a case of ‘be found or you’re not in the game’. Bill Gates’s famous quote of 1996 “In ten years if you aren’t online you aren’t in business” is becoming truer by the day.

The biggest influence on this has been the increase in users accessing the internet on mobile devices, such as iPhones and Blackberries etc. Now, if I am looking for a local restaurant, I bring up my browser on my iPhone and check Google Maps for whats around. And I’m not the only one.

Getting ranked for Local Search is becoming a necessity, so I found this article on the Top 13 Questions to ask before you go hiring a consultant.  Here’s a taste:

Can you tell me exactlyhow you do what you do? Local SEO is not magic. There is a long list of techniques that are known to work. Some work better than others. While how a SEO campaign is executed can have some proprietary aspects to it, in general a good SEO consultant should have no problem telling you how that are going to go about improving your rankings. In particular you want to make sure they are not using any spammy techniques that could potentially harm your business. If they avoid the question or they don’t seem particularly transparent about their methodology, hang up the phone. It’s not particularly hard to switch out a toilet, but most people would prefer to hire an expert so it gets done right. Your plumber doesn’t have any secrets (at least I think he doesn’t) so why should your SEO consultant?”

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