50 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Seems everyone is in the same boat when it comes to Facebook Pages, namely they almost always end up asking – ‘how do I get more fans’?  Problem is there is no one way that is going to work.  The nature of social media is social (yep) so what makes something popular – is what will make people like your page.

I came across this amazing article that covers 50 – yes FIFTY – ways to improve the ‘likability’ of your page!  If you can’t find at least 1 tactic to use from here, well I’m afraid your case is terminal.  Maybe another social channel may work better.

Before I give you the link though, let’s recap some of the things I have covered already:

  1. Your facebook page is like the Foyer of your business.  If you talk business all the time, people are going to get bored.  Talk about yourself, the people you work with, the suppliers, the shipping department, the guy that tripped over the pallet in the back (not the one that sued you, the other one).  Be personal and jovial, people will respond.
  2. Ask people what they think.  Engaging with customers is not some etheric thing, it’s simply having a conversation!  What do you talk about when they come in the shop?  Ask those questions!  The only difference is, instead of asking one specific person, you’re asking everyone.  Now the TRICK is, to talk as though you were talking to only ONE person.
  3. Run a Fan Competition.  Something simple they can do in a few seconds, which is all the time they have on facebook.  So make it simple – a survey or a poll (there’s free apps for that), or a Question they have to answer, or a Photo they have to submit.  Anything quirky they can do in one second or less is great :

Here’s some ideas real quick:

A: One of my clients is a Landscaping business and he’s very good at making really bad areas look amazing and usable.  So he could ask his Fans to submit their pics of their backyards as a Worst Backyard Photo competition.  Maybe they win some swag (merchandise) or a discount on a makeover, or a really bad Trophy you can get for $20 at a trophy shop!

B: Another one of my clients runs a Home Cleaning service.  The above idea of the ‘Worst Photo’ might work as well (might be scary though) – but how about a Best Story competition.  Write out in 25 words or less why you should have your house cleaned, and the winner maybe gets one free clean or something.  That way they get a new client, plus the reasons why people want clean houses (good for marketing), plus the viral spread of the competition.

C: The last idea I have is for a Restaurant that is looking at changing their Menu.  I recommended they use a Poll app (free one on facebook) and put each new item into the Poll.  They then invited their Fans to vote on which items should be included, and which ones dropped.  The results were pretty surprising, and the main new item they were planning bombed – lucky they did the Poll!  Everyone that participated got a 2 for 1 voucher for their next dinner.  It worked really well.

Well those were some quick ideas and I hope they helped.  In case those didin’t whet your appetite though, here’s 50 more!

50 Ways to get More People to Like your facebook Page