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HI there folks, my name is David Jardine and I am the Grand Poobah of Red Fez Social Media Services.

I have been  building and expanding my clients online presence since 1998 when I built my first direct response website for my first client Mal Emery.  Yes the very well known business mentor and self made multi-millionaire.

From that work I got headhunted to the USA where I have been working the last 7 years before returning to Perth a little while ago.

Incidentally the USA (or more specifically Los Angeles) is also where I got most of my tattoos.  They have a pretty liberal work culture there 🙂

Speaking of working culture, I have been working remotely (they call it telecommuting or freelancing now) for almost my entire 19 year career.  In fact I have worked for many large, small and even micro businesses often without ever physically meeting the people I am working with.

Some of my Client Successes include:

  • Taking a private client in Los Angeles from $450,000 turnover per year to $1.8 Million per year in 12 months using my direct response strategies.
  • Having that same tactic (and materials) mentioned in Time Magazine – yes that one!
  • Taking a Point Of Sale merchant from getting an average of 5 leads per month to getting 3 – 5 leads per day.  I charged them $2500 to change the front page of their site – just the one page – do you think it was worth it?
  • Working on the team that broke online recruiting records in the USA for a single product.  That was very serious direct response marketing coupled with MLM online.
  • Building a successful online membership website selling an information product, self-published, from zero to $2500 a month in less than three months.  I ran the site for 12 months, then sold it for $35,000 – a very good price for a single website.  The site and all material cost me a total of $800.
  • Tripling the number of Likes one Custom Facebook Page was receiving in under a week
  • Developing many complete Social Media Strategies for businesses that have increased their online footprint, while also drastically cutting the number of hours they were spending online.
  • Creating and promoting event videos for clients on facebook, one with over 100,000 views.
  • and lot’s more in between.

Request a Quote today.  I will call you personally and we can have a chat about what you would like to achieve for your business.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards

David Jardine
Grand Poobah
Red Fez Social Media Services
Call me: 0402 395 336