Red Fez is named after the incredible book The Big Red Fez by Seth Godin.  It was one of the first books to come out in the early days of web design (2001), that really defined what a ‘good’ website should be – or rather DO!

It defined the purpose of the website to be specifically responsible for effecting a change in someone – and to do it efficiently and professionally.

To quote Seth Godin:

“The thesis of the book is that the web is a direct marketing medium, something that can be measured and a tool that works best when the person who builds the page has a point of view…  an effective website is created by someone who knows what she wants the user to do.”

At the time our Director (we call him the Grand Poobah) David Jardine had been working with direct response marketers to harness emerging technologies online, and turn them to converting the techniques and tactics of direct response selling – specifically direct mail.  Seth’s book codified the strategies of direct response marketing into his version of the perfect web design criteria – and we still agree today.

Direct response marketing has one central tenant:

“One page, one action!”

This entails the removal of all other options or obstacles, including content that serves as nothing more than decoration, so that the sales process is clearly defined. It then becomes more esaily trackable, repeatable, scalable and reportable.

Beginning with creating marketing maverick Mal Emery’s first website in 1999, David recreated the sales letter and followup sequence for Mal’s “Business In A Box” product.  By creating the website along the lines of direct response techniques, utitlising a multi-page site with a pre-determined sales path Mal was able to achieve $10,000 in sales in the sites first weekend.

Since then David has worked with a varied mix of companies both in Australia and in the USA including several high profile network marketing companies and lead generation firms.  Some notable successes have included:

  • Taking a private client in Los Angeles from $450,000 turnover per year to $1.8 Million per year in 12 months using my direct response strategies.
  • Having that same tactic (and materials) mentioned in Time Magazine – yes that one!
  • Taking a Point Of Sale merchant from getting an average of 5 leads per month to getting 3 – 5 leads per day.
  • Working on the team that broke online recruiting records in the USA for a single product.  That was very serious direct response marketing coupled with MLM online.
  • Building a successful online membership website selling an information product, self-published, from zero to $2500 a month in less than three months.
  • Tripling the number of Likes one Custom Facebook Page was receiving in under a week
  • Creating and promoting event videos for clients on facebook, one with over 100,000 views for less than $1000 in ad spend.
  • and lot’s more in between.

We BUST the 3 Key Myths of Social Media Marketing:

# KEY MYTH 1: Anyone can do it, my 15 yr old kid knows Facebook I’ll get them to handle it.

We see this all the time! So often clients come to us after entrusting their ‘social media’ to someone in the family, or in the office that is ‘young and understands social media’. Usually they reach out once they realise their competition is winning contracts and they are missing out, or when their ‘expert’ spends thousands of dollars running ads without any real clue what they are doing.

# KEY MYTH 2: Facebook ads are cheap, I can run a quick campaign and make a few sales whener I want

Facebook ad costs have gone up 47% in the last 6 months alone (as of April 2018) and are set to continue as Facebook runs out of ad space to sell. Your campaign needs to be highly focussed, targeted and optimised to convert or you can blow your budget very fast.

# KEY MYTH 3: It won’t work for my business, I tried it already!

Facebook has 75% of the Australian population on it’s platform with about half active every day. Your client IS on facebook, but you need to know WHEN and WHERE in order to market to them effectively. Facebook ads are not the same as Google ads, the entire psychology behind them is different, so if you tried the same tactics you use on your regular advertising on facebook – it won’t work!

We provide a hands-on service for businesses that want to shortcut the learning curve, and skip the expensive lessons. Our process identifies your target audience, crafts a killer offer, promotes it to them at the right time and in the right medium, and then continually optimises every step of the campaign to make sure we get the most results possible.

If your business demands a steady supply of highly qualified buyers demanding to buy YOUR products and services, you need to work with a team that can deliver them – reliably, predictably and at scale.

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