CRUSHing your Competition is Social Media Suicide

I just received either the third or fourth email this week that talks about ‘CRUSHING’ it, or ‘Crushing Your Competition’ in marketing or sales, and it finally bugged me enough to write about it. So here it is.

If you ever set out to CRUSH Your Competition, you can close your facebook page now. I mean right now. You just failed Social Media 101, and most likely Business Ethics 101 and also How to Make Money 101. Pack your bag and your bat and ball and go home, you old time dinosaur.

See a shift happened a little while ago, first in people, then in business and then in the online world. It’s called a Win/Win, and it’s the best formula for success I have ever seen bar none. When you win, everyone wins and if you don’t have this mentality towards your business, and particularly your online business, you are going to fail – it is a certainty.

To prove my point, take a look at my friends Facebook Page for his nightclub here. In the past 24 hours there have been over 500 (yes FIVE HUNDRED) posts condemning the venue for badly handling a change in management. There are now calls to boycott the venue and not return. Understandably the patrons are upset. The DIFFERENCE is that they are now VOICING thier opinions on Facebook … and unlike Las Vegas, what goes on Facebook STAYS on Facebook.

It is classic greed meets social media and the 2 do not mix well. Your customers now have the power of collective voice for every slight they perceive about your business, your customer service, your ethics and more. It is your responsibility as a business owner to acknowledge this change, adapt if necessary and drop the ‘bash them into submission’ mentality of the late 80’s wall street thugs.

It just doesn’t work anymore.

So please, for your own business’ sake do NOT crush your competition, differentiate your position. That way everyone wins, and you will foster stronger and more positive relationships with your customers until they become as loyal and die-hard as my friends nightclub patrons.

Think before you act, because the whole world IS watching.