Export your Facebook Email Addresses

OK so we all know the power of building your Newsletter list, and we also know that building our social media presence is important too right?  Problem is, this ends up in 2 separate lists, or it used to.  Now there’s a workaround using Yahoo to import your addresses from Facebook, and then to Export them as a CSV file.  Then it’s just a matter of importing them to your email newsletter service and you are away!

Neat video below shows you how 🙂

NOTE:  Couple of points to know though.

1. As far as I know this only works for PROFILES not for Pages or for Groups. It is based on your login, which is only relevant for your Profile, so if you have 10,000,000 Fans it isn’t going to fetch their emails for you.

2. PERMISSION! You need to make sure you have the people’s permission to email them or add them to your newsletter or you are going to see SPAM complaints like wildfire!!

3. Single-Opt-In – these names are technically single-opt-in and places like Aweber are going to want to send them a ‘confirmation email’ before you will be allowed to email them.  It’s just how it is.

If I do find a way to export names out of Pages I will add it here as it’s pretty powerfult o be able to do so, but again, single-opt-in is a high-spam-risk stuff, so be sensible.

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