Facebook Instant Personalisation – How to Turn it Off


Facebook’s new Instant Personalisation ‘feature’ just rolled out a day ago, and already it’s causing a storm. Facebook is comin gunder heavy fire from US Congress over it’s privacy controls, and Japan is highly concerned as well. This last venture however is just … well it’s pretty blatant commercialisation of your personal data.

Now this isn’t exacly barn-storming news. In April last year Facebook announced it was rolling this out in stages, and I remember last year it causing a furore. Now though, it is the default for all accounts, and if you haven’t switched yours off it will be on for you too.

So what’s being shared? And where?

Well the only time you’ll really notice it is when you go to one of the big sites that’s participating, and you see your own facebook profile pic and a greeting to you. Try it for yourself, log in to facebook, then visit one of these sites and see what happens:

Each site will use and store different information about you, your friends, your Likes, their likes etc.  It is intended to enhance your experience at the site, encourage content sharing, and build brand loyalty by interaction, collaboration (telling your friends what you like etc) and trust transference.  It’s also a good revenue source for facebook!

You can control how much (if any) of this you want to particpate in, and for those that haven’t yet, here’s how to turn it off or ‘opt-out’.

1. Login to Facebook and click “Account” in the upper right corner of the page and choose Privacy Settings.


2. In the lower left, choose “Apps and Websites”


3. Find Instant Personalization and click “Edit Settings”


4. Untick the box at the bottom of the screen and save changes


If the checkbox is greyed out it means it hasn’t been activated yet, or if the box is already unchecked you may have done it last year and forgotten.  Either way, when you click the checkbox you will get a warning from Facebook that says something to the effect of ‘please keep it on, it makes the internet a better place and unicorns will die if you turn it off’ – or some such rubbish.

Anyway there you have it, how to turn Facebook Instant Personlisation off… and spoil their advertising party 🙂

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