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I have been doing facebook page marketing for local Perth business PinupPost.com on their page, and thought I would share a screenshot or two of their results with you. No facebook ads have been bought to promote this page, nor any other form of advertising, this is purely a result of people interacting with the content on the Wall of the page.

Red Fez manages this page for PinupPost.com from the ground up, all content, all posts, all comment moderation and reporting is handled by me, so these kind of results can be achievieved for your business. Monitoring is key, each time I post i watch for the metrics that appear and monitor the number of comments, likes and shares each time I post. This way I can keep an eye on what is popular, and likely to be shared on, and what is conversational and likely to be commented on, but no t necessarily shared.

And of course I keep an eye on the big shiny green arrows hahaha… they are a great way to get a real fast look at what has been happening lately. Facebook has a number of reporting tools which you can use, and here I’ll go through them so you know what to look for on your page.

1. On Post Insights – Real-time Results:


Each time you make a Post to your Wall Facebook tracks how many times the Post has been seen (Impressions) and tracks how many people have interacted with the Post. From this Facebook calculates a Feedback percentage and shows it right under the Post. This gives excellent real-time results you can monitor, although this can be a bit misleading.

There is some argument over how much, if any, delay is factored in – with some people saying up to 3 hours. I don’t put too much emphasis on this anyway so it doesn’t matter to me so much, and it is alsoo good to keep in mind that the feedback will continue to increase as people continue to interact with the Post sometimes even weeks after it has been posted.

Timing of the Posting affects feedback too, because if you Post something at 3am when no-one is up in your timezone, then your feedback score will be accordingly low.

2. On Page Wall Insights – Past 24 hours:


These are the statistics you can see as an Admin on the left of the page. They show you a quick snapshot of what has happened in the last 24 hours on your page. These are not real-time results, so don’t expect them to update as soon as you post, and in fact only really give an indication of the activity on the page compared to yesterday. Although, if you see dramatic drops occuring there is something going wrong, so you can see quite quickly and respond quickly. Rather than watching each post, this gives you a good idea of the overall progress of the site. This WILL fluctuate also so always compare it to the long term Insights.

3. Full Insights Results – Past Month Results:


Accessing this area allows you to get a broad look at the progress of the page over a month so you can see clearly how you are doing overall. I find it’s a good excersize to come in to this section anytime I see my daily stats dip down 🙂 – gives me perspective. You can also drill down to a finer level of detail by clicking the relevant links, I won’t show you how to do that here as it is very involved, but it’s enough to say there’s a ton of information here, explore it all.

That’s it for now, how is your Page performing? Post a note in the Comments below and let me know 🙂


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