Your Fans Can’t See You!!

This just brought to my attention with the new facebook layout changes. Facebook likes to show ‘relevant‘ information to viewers, it sees itself differentiating this ‘results feed’ from what Google does – but it does it through selective filtering.

I’ve known for some time that not all Fans see updates or new posts added to a Page. This is the difference between a Fan and an Active Fan in your Insights panel. I would even argue that the number of Fans you have is irrelevant, the number of Active Fans you have is what is important.

But if you have noticed that only a certain group of people are consistently commenting, or if you are only seeing a select group of people in your own Feed when you log in, I have the answer.

With the new facebook design, Facebook has formalised it’s filtering and has deeply incorporated it into what you see – and who sees you. This is in addition to the difference between ‘Top News’ and ‘Most Recent’ – which used to be the 2 variations of your feed. Now facebook simply drops the people that you aren’t interacting with, and that aren’t interacting with you, completely.

Obviously this is a real problem, as there is no way for someone who hasn’t interacted with your content to all of a sudden start receiving your content. You are for all intents and purposes completely invisible – even if the person has Liked your page.

I will give you a link to solve this temporarily and you can do this today without needing my help – but it raises a critical point.

And it’s this:

If you aren’t engaging your visitors as soon as they arrive on your page, you are losing them whether they have liked your page or not!

Getting that first interaction is now more critical than ever – and it can be compared to requiring a ‘double-opt-in’ for emailing purposes. Getting somone to Like your page is now not enough. They have to Like and Interact with your page in order to see your posts.

Here’s the Link:!/event.php?eid=194392487256900

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