Local SEO, Google Places and Yellow Pages SLAP – Tips to Avoid

Recently my local seo rankings on google maps slipped (um, PLUNGED) from about position 7 on the front page, all the way to position 89 – YEP, all the way to the bottom of the 8th page of results on google maps! Needless to say this cause a pretty serious amount of panic under the Fez!

I looked all through my listing and tried to find out what was wrong, and as I had been optimising my listing I figured I must have made a pretty bad mistake. After investigating I found it had more to do with my Yellow Pages free listing than it did with any optimising on my Places page. I recorded this short video to show you what I found, and how I propose to fix it. I will also followup with results afterwards to show you the difference between getting it right, and getting it wrong.

Enjoy, and please comment after the video 🙂

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