Local SEO, Google Places and Yellow Pages SLAP – Tips to Avoid

Recently my local seo rankings on google maps slipped (um, PLUNGED) from about position 7 on the front page, all the way to position 89 – YEP, all the way to the bottom of the 8th page of results on google maps! Needless to say this cause a pretty serious amount of panic under the Fez!

I looked all through my listing and tried to find out what was wrong, and as I had been optimising my listing I figured I must have made a pretty bad mistake. After investigating I found it had more to do with my Yellow Pages free listing than it did with any optimising on my Places page. I recorded this short video to show you what I found, and how I propose to fix it. I will also followup with results afterwards to show you the difference between getting it right, and getting it wrong.

Enjoy, and please comment after the video 🙂

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  • David Jardine


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  • Thank you helped make perfect sense of things! Thank you so much for sharing, now I just have to get on a few more listing sites. Great advice, I am so glad I found you!

  • Glad the article helped Tamara, it can be a bit of a quagmire when starting out thats for sure. I took a look at your site, it looks excellent! As a WIX site though it is built in flash, which you may want to move away from in the future. Google can’t ‘see inside’ flash, so it won’t know what’s on your pages – could be a headache when it comes to search engine rankings. Let me know how you get on with the Google Places rankings though, and make sure your NAP is the same everywhere 🙂

  • Katherine Ferris

    This is so incredible, that is exactly what happend to me.
    The distress I have been going through is incredible. Having dropped off google places means I have been losing enquiries and losing business, not to mention losing sleep.
    I was on top of google places for “hypnotherapy sydney” but on 21st Dec 12, I dropped off into oblivion, I thought the Panda changes had been the culprit.
    I have to look into yellow pages and see where the solution can be found. Thank you this video has been of great help. I am also very glad I found you!

  • Glad I could help 🙂 – post back with what you find and let me know how you get on!