Local SEO for Perth Business – Google Slap FIXED!

You might recall from the previous post that Red Fez’s rankings in Google Places was hit with a slap because the Google Places page I created didn’t match the results google was seiing from Yellow pages.  It turns out that Google scrapes or pulls business listing information from Yellow Pages to automatically create it’s Google Places listings here in Australia.  Why I have no idea, I only know a handful of businesses who continue to  use that service, but nevertheless they have this relationship so it bears investigating.

I found out what the issue was, and how to recitfy it, but as usual it turned into a nightmare to work with Yellow Pages so instead I ‘claimed’ all the bogus listings, updated them to my real information, and deleted ALL of them from inside Google Places – except the one that Google created on it’s own.  The result was instant, in fact less than 24 hours later I shot up to position 2 and have remained there.

Watch the video for more:

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  • Katherine Ferris

    Thank you, very interesting!!! But how can I tell which listing is the “google created” listing???

  • The Google created listing will match your Yellow Pages or other ‘Sensis’ listing. It won’t have any images in it or other alterations you have made. If they are identical you will need to make edits to one of them and give it time to show up on Maps before it will be clear which is which. Then simply delete the one you created and modify the one Google created.