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Social Media: Perth Businesses Using

Managing Social Media for Perth Businesses Series:

It used to be that a small Perth business could effectively market itself in the local community quite easily and simply.  In fact anyone could do it.  All you needed was a couple of ads placed strategically around town in the local paper, maybe a spot in the yellow pages and if things got real bad you could post a note on the local supermarket board.

Not any more.

The game has changed drastically, and it has changed permanently.

Now it seems your average business needs to own and operate a website, a facebook page, a twitter account, a youtube channel, a blog and each staff member needs a LinkedIn profile, all of which need to be updated on a regular (if not DAILY) basis.

How is a small business supposed to keep up with it all?

Well it’s actually quite easy once you have the system setup, as with the changes have come some advantages. Content can be created in one place, and then aggregated (or ‘shared’) to your other properties, making the effort spent in one place pay off across all the other places.

For example, say your company sells clothing, like a retail store or similar. Your typical setup might look like this:

1. Company website with shopping cart
2. Company blog for new product announcements and feedback
3. Facebook Business Page for fan engagement
4. Twitter account for real-time engagement and reputation management
5. YouTube account for motion-based content (product reviews etc)
6. LinkedIn Profile for company management

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  But keeping all of this content up to date, and ENGAGING is actually quite easy, and should only take a few hours per week, or less than half an hour a day.

Here’s how to use Social Media in your Perth Business:

First, let’s look at how often you update the shopping cart with new products.  If you are like most stores this is probably weekly or as new stock arrives.  This then creates a flurry of activity as photos are uploaded and descriptions are entered so sales can begin – it’s social media GOLD!  This is then your main source of original social media content which is created in a semi-regular basis.  So lets start with that.

Say in one week 7 items are added to the cart.  This gives you a full week of content for your blog, if you release one item per day over a week.  This can be done if you use most blogging platforms as they allow you to publish on a date basis, so setting this up to auto-post an item each day for a week is very easy.

Next we link your blog to your facebook account using an aggregation service like RSS Grafitti which automatically checks your blog every day for new items, and then posts them to your facebook account.  Nice and easy and hands-free for you!

Finally, you search for and source relevant information your readers and followers may be interested in talking about. Start some discussion, and get real feedback on your ideas. To get you started I put together a quick video you might like to watch about how to manage your facebook in under 5 minutes a day.

Then we link your facebook account to Twitter so that new items from your facebook account are automatically added to Twitter as well, and now you have 4 properties being updated for the work of just 1.  Your cart is updated, your blog is auto-posted, which updates your facebook and your twitter account.  Automatically.  (you should notice this article on my facebook page and twitter account!)

Feeling social media savvy yet? Wait it gets better…

YouTube can also be updated on a very easy-to-do basis.  If you have never made a video before, a simple way to do one is to grab your product shots (the photos from your cart) and use a service like Animoto to make your movie.  Just upload the photo’s, add an MP3 track for music, and Animoto will churn out a ready-to-use video.  Then you simply add this to YouTube and voila!  Instant social media interactivity. 

Recently YouTube added Facebook Connect so now visitors can share your video to Facebook and promote your work for you. Cool huh?

Lastly is LinkedIn.  Now the purpose to LinkedIn is more business-to-business so for the Perth business owner this is an avenue to connect to other business owners and network.  Product shots may or may not be suitable, depending on your business, but timely relevant information is always welcomed.  I use a service called HootSuite to update LinkedIn as it allows me to post direct to all my social media accounts from one place.   In fact HoostSuite allows me to add my facebook page, my twitter account, my personal facebook account, my linkedin profile and more, so I can update ALL my properties in one place.  Definitely check it out.

So there you have it.  How to stay up to date and not go mad using social media in Perth – simply use your original content in more than one place by aggregating the content, and repurposing it to suit.  The most critical key however, is to be consistent.  Publish on a regular basis and maintain the relationships you form.  These are the real key to why you are doing this in the first place.  With all the interactivity, the relationship you have with your customers is more important than ever.

To put this strategy to work for your business, call me on  0402 395 336 and find out how cost effective social media can be for your Perth business.

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