Newsletter Marketing is KEY to Success

The old saying that ‘The List is King’ is certainly truer today than ever.  Even with all the new forays into Social Media, having a central channel fo communnication is absolutely KEY to long term business success.  Your customers, believe it or not, actually WANT to hear from you – just don’t be all boring and salesy about it all the time.   And anyone can get started with a few simple steps and a  little effort.

I just created this weekly newsletter for a new client who has a niche store and practically zero online presence right now.  He has a facebook Profile, but no page, and after dealing with some less-than-satisfactory ‘consultants’ before me, has also lost control of his facebook group.  Sad state of affairs but yes there are web guys out there that will delete you as an admin from your own group if things dont work out.

Moving on, we have now sorted out a list for him of some 700 customers and associates and will be sending his first weekly newsletter to them in the next few days.  Even though my background is in direct response as you know, and you are expecting to see some hideous red headline, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  It’s easy to make good design sell well once it’s done properly.

Anyway enough of my boasting, here’s a link to the online version of the first email, and I will keep you posted as to how this tactic affects this one business over the next few weeks.  Im expecting big things to happen for them.


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