Perth Local SEO Dominated with Social Media

Perth Local SEO Results: Full Page Google Domination !! After a week or so of continuing to setup my NAP on multiple sites, along with uploading various videos and articles to social media sites, the results are in! Complete domination of the entire first page of Google for my business name. That means if anyone does a search for ‘Red Fez Perth’ I own every single listing on that page. And it took less than a week to do it.

So the BIG TIP for any local Perth business is this:

  1. Claim your Google Places Page – it’s FREE and Google ranks them for you
  2. Claim your free Yellow Pages Listing – but make sure your NAP is correct
  3. Register with as many local business listing sites as possible with the SAME NAP
  4. Upload videos and articles to various social media sites to spread the size of your footprint
  5. Rinse and repeat!

You will see results a lot faster than you think 🙂

Don’t forge to watch Video #1 and Video #2 in the series 🙂

[UPDATE] After almost 3 weeks I now have the complete first 2 pages and moving into the third as well 🙂

[SECOND UPDATE] Please watch the Perth Local SEO Google Domination Video #2 followup recording for how this works with a Keyword.

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  • Lets hope you rank first on the page for ‘Red Fez Perth’ since its specific terms
    I’d be more interested if you could rank for ‘Social Media Perth’ or ‘SEO Perth’
    its very misleading for customer telling people this

  • Like I mentioned in the video, the full-page result in this specific case is because of the nature of my business name. The results shown this video are a result of fixing the problem I encountered in the first 2 videos. You should watch them first to see what I mean. SEO ranking for my business name was not the point of the excersize, but was an awesome outcome :).

    To see an example of how this can be acheived for a SEO key phrase try googling “perth local seo” and you will see I own 9 positions on that page as well. I will record a video showing the results of the keyphrase and upload it here for you to see.

    The point is to show how powerful a proper social media campaign can be, and the results can be VERY good for SEO – even if thats not your objective. Check out the photo on my facebook profile:!/photo.php?fbid=179655058723749&set=a.172271579462097.35349.126630344026221

  • David

    Great work on this.

    Just a quick note re “Luke’s” Comments. There is a massive difference between coming up for a key word or your company name. There is nothing misleading in your video, and it’s true to it’s word.

    Being easily found for your name is very important.

    I do agree that you need to also appear for a generic key word of the service that you provide ie. “social media perth” – where you also appear. But it’s your decision on what key words you come up for.

    Anyhow, great work on your presence, and this video shows to the nth degree that what you do does help with people being able to help you for your company name and not being diverted to a competitor, and then in turn helping your “sales key words” to provide with results.

  • Thanks for your comment Pete, and as you say there’s a huge difference between a business name and a keyword. If you are a local business, having that solif presence is a huge boost to your visibility, as well as credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers.

    If a local business is looking to establish it’s presence this is definitely the way to do it. Multiple channels provide more opportunity for you to be found. Pretty simply.

    For SEO it can be done – google ‘perth local seo’ and you can see what I did going for that keyword phrase (see second video) – but swamping out an entire page of results if you are a local business, is ethically questionable anyway. Im not a big fan of the Crush the Competition model for local business. You still have to buy bread in the town you live in.