Perth Local SEO Google Domination #2

Perth Local SEO Google Domination Video #2: OK, so I got asked on my previous post about how using social media can improve rankings for a Keyword, and not just for a Business Name.  Fair question, I mean if all you rank for is your business name, then everyone has to know what your business name is in order to find you – and if they knew that already it kind of defeats the purpose.

Well yes and no.

Yes it defeats the purpose of ranking for SEO if all you get is you domain name.  More on that in this video.

But NO it doesn’t defeat the purpose of adding Social Proof and increasing your Online Footprint.  See you have no control of how people are going to look for you.  You can track and measure for it, but you have to get started doing it in order to find that out.  Thats where social media lives.  Social Media gives you the avenues to distribute your content, and track how many people are accessing it, and from which channel.  Over time this will show you a pattern, and the pattern that shows the most traffic, leads and sales becomes the channel you focus on.

But you can’t do that with just a website!  You need more, you need to be actively spreading your information out to find your market, and encourage them to engage with you.

So, on to the video, which I hope you are realising about now is NOT about SEO, it is about SMM – Social Media Marketing – and the effect it can have on the search engines for your keywords.

In this video I am looking for ‘perth local seo‘ as I specialise in working with local businesses.  Have a look at the results, and think about what these kind of results can do for your business.

Then call me 🙂


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