Perth Local SEO and Google Places MUST HAVE for Top Rankings!

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Perth Local SEO Killer Tip: If you only get THIS one piece of information right about your Google Places listing – you do have one don’t you? – then you’ll be in front.

Here it is:

Google Checks the SEO of your Website and Factors it into your Google Places Ranking!

Did you catch that?

Shall I make it clearer?

OK, here’s the breakdown.

There are about 10 factors you need in order to rank well in Google Places.  You know the one, the listing on the search page with the map and the Top 7 listings of business, right?  Yes you want to beone of those businesses, yes I can help you with that, and yes it used to be REAL easy to do.  In fact I used to be able to get #1 and #2 rankings in Google Places overnight – that’s right OVERNIGHT!

But those days are gone, and in Google’s relentless march towards Local Search Domination they are making a LOT of changes, and making them quickly.  One of the ones they have implemented but not trumpeted, is the fact that they are now crawling your website (you listed this as part of your Setup remember?) and assessing it based on the keywords you are optimised for.  It then cross-references these against the keywords in your Places listing and does a calculation.

So you think, no problem, I just have to make sure the words all match up, right?


You see Google also checks your RANK against those keywords, and adds a weighting to your Local listing accordingly.

So, if your website is about chickens in Perth, and your keyword is ‘chickens Perth’, then when I google ‘chickens Perth’ your website has to rank for those keywords, in order for your Places Page to rank for those keywords.  Sneaky huh?  This never used to be the case, and a website on page 10 of the results could also get a page 1 listing from ranking high in Places listings.

Now, as always this gets rolled out in the US before it hits the localised engines like Google Australia, so for now you may still get great results by just optimising the Places page, but the writing is on the wall.  If you have an SEO company call them and get your rankings in order now so you are ready for the changes.

If you don’t you need to call me and I will help you through the process of setting up your local SEO.

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