Sell the Sizzle – Not the Steak

steakI’ve been reading a lot online lately, and I mean a lot. Seems I’m not the only one noticing a distinct shift in the air on the internet. The blogosphere has been alive with talk about living minimalism as a philosophy and a lifestyle, untethering oneself from excessive possessions and connections, and bringing the focus back to a ‘presence of mind’ style of life.

Awesome stuff.

I’m not sure that I will be ridding myself of all my possessions, or counting how man items I own, but I am definitely aware of the changes in the leading edge of the internet.

And the changes are all pointing in one direction.


Being present in the moment when you are doing something/anything, and focusing your attention 100% on it at that time. It’s a lot harder than you think. Like right now as I’m writing this, there’s phone’s ringing and people talking, and emails turning up in my inbox… the usual hecticness of being in an office… and it’s making it hard to focus on what I want to say. I’ve corrected this sentence 6 times already!

But once you do begin to focus, something awesome starts to happen.


The din is starting to recede, and my thoughts are becoming clearer as I keep my attention on what I’m doing. With the right amount of skill, and the right amount of challenge, the joy of doing what I am doing, right now, in this moment, starts to become my whole existence. Im now completely engaged in the moment, and completely mindful of what I am doing.


Which brings me to the point of this post.

Selling the story, not the steak.

See I could write about the ‘theory’ of being mindful of my moment, or I could tell you exactly what it felt like, because I’ve done it. You were with me right now, so you know I’m talking from an authentic place, from a real life experience.

And with any luck, you connected with me right inside that space and it has become real for you as well.

Or, I could write about the theory of mindfulness and fill this post with jargon like ‘bodymind’ and ‘integration’ blah blah blah but Im pretty sure you’d tune out pretty quick.

The reason why is pretty simple. People relate to people, and they relate the most to your experiences.

Not your theories.

If you’re busy selling ice to eskimoes, you’d better be telling them how the ice saved your life, or built your house, or fed your kids or … something! Forget telling them how the ice was formed over thousands of years, and how their bodies are made up of 70% water so it’s important to replenish the water they lose from sweating.

They’ll tune out. Fast.

There’s a lot more to this and I’m going to keep writing about it as it’s becoming more and more important to understand.

I’m just curious though, when you are telling people about your business, are your selling your story or your steak?