Social Media Sales – PROOF it Works!

perthscapes facebook landing page

I think the question I get asked most often is pretty simple.

“Does social media REALLY bring in Sales?”

And I’m happy to say that today I can unequivocably say YES it does… and here’s the PROOF!

social media sales proof

Now, this may not be ultimately ground-breaking in and of itself at first glance, but you have to see how this process has worked, and see how the cost of an entire social media setup in terms of both time and resources, can be recouped in just ONE sale!

Let’s start at the beginning and break this process down.

Step 1: Optimise your Website Landing Page for Sales

perthscapes landing page

There is NO POINT in continuing any further than this basic first step if you are not prepared to do it.  Focusing purely on your social media profiles (like your facebook landing page for example) is NOT enough.  Not now anyway, it may be that way in the future but for now this is critical.  Your website has to do 2 things and do both of them well.

1. It has to convince your prospect that you are a legitimate business.  Period.

There are WAY too many scams and bad businesses online already, so your website MUST make your business stand out.  A professional design goes a long way here, think of it like your actual bricks and mortar business.  If your walls are bright yellow and green and there’s junk lying everywhere, chances are people won’t hang around long.  Same with your website.  Clean design, professional presentation and lot’s of information for the prospect to digest.

Samples of your work are a must and I HIGHLY recommend you use VIDEO for this as much as possible.  If you don’t know how or don’t have equipment or expertise give me a shout and I can put you in touch with a great company.  Videos tell MUCH more than pictures, which tell much more than words.

2. It has to make it EASY for your prospects to do business with you.

If you fail this part you fail the entire process.  Make sure your prospect can contact you directly from every page of your website.  Don’t have a page without a contact point, like a phone number clearly visible or an email address available – or best of all put a long contact form right on the side of your site so anyone can fill it out anytime.  This sends a clear message that you WANT the business and you are prepared to get it any time the prospect is ready.

(note: I used to have this on Red Fez but had to take it down due to my current workload being too great!  This is where you want to get to. Too many leads is a lot better than not enough)

Step 2: Optimise your Social Media Strategy

perthscapes facebook landing page

No when I say ‘optimise’ I’m not referring to Search Engines (although keeping google rankings in mind is a great strategy).  What I mean is you need to have a good spread of exposure, but a tight focus in one area.

Let’s take Facebook for example.

Take the time and effort to create a professional facebook landing page, one that matches your business website.  Make sure the landing page does a number of things like giving great value or an incentive, something to make the prospect feel welcome and rewarded for being there.  This creates an emotional response in a favourable way which you want to establish before engaging socially, remember this is a SOCIAL network, not an ADVERTISING network.

Keep social content social, and keep commercial content minimal.  Encourage INTERACTION  not CONSUMPTION – does that make sense?  If you get this point you are well on your way to success.

Step 3: Test, Test, Test – and Refine!

The last step is to monitor all the areas you are using in your sales process and test and measure each element.  On your website you should have Google Analytics installed already, but if not you want to have this setup for you.  Similarly you can have Analytics installed in your Facebook Page to track incoming traffic there as well.  Setup Goals in Ananlytics to test the path that visitors are using to interact with your content, and then track conversions into sales.

This informaiton is priceless and can mean thousands a month in extra sales, so don’t skip this part even if it seems like it’s a bit too hard.

REMEMBER – REFINE your process.

Particularly in the new facebook medium it is important to really understand that your prospect has essentially sold themselves.  They are reaching out to your business from a SOCIAL setting, so engage with them socially.  Facebook is finely tuned to monitor social interaction and it rewards you for being social.

Let’s take a quick look:

social media sales refine the process

Ok we can see here that the Commented post is showing BELOW the top Post – which is a photo with zero comments or feedback – even though the commented post is newer and more important (to us!)

social media sales refine the process 2

Changing to ‘Most Recent’ confirms this. And lastly, here’s a quick look at a very common missed opportunity to maximise the return from this one event.

social media sales refine the process

Remember, facebook places importance on social interactions!  So, interact and see how many views you can get on each contact from your potential market.  More views = more views!  (you read it right) – the more views a post gets, the more people facebook will show it to.  So GET COMMENTS to get exposure!

DO RESPOND: If someone leaves a comment, respond to them in person. Engage with them and find out more.

DO NOT DEAD END: The worst thing you can do to someone making en enquiry is to say ‘thanks, we’ll get back to you!’.

That’s it, I hope I clarified that for you a bit and showed you how it can work in a real-world situation.  Can you see how to apply this to your business?  If you get stuck or want some feedback on your ideas, leave a comment below and I will answer as best I can.


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