Social Media Strategy in ONE Simple Step

I Bet you spend about a dozen hours a week or more promoting your business, brand or services on social media. Easily. In fact most businesses spend a whole lot more time than that, so don’t feel bad if it seems like a massive time soak right now, with very little return.

I’ve been chatting about this a bit on Twitter with a couple of my online twiends (oh no did I really just write that? lol!) about a real simple question, and it’s this:

“What the hell are we doing here?”

I mean really, what ARE we doing on social media? I am using Twitter as an example, but it might as well be facebook, or myspace, or Hi-5 or LinkedIn or whatever channel you are active in… and the answer (after a lot of shouting) came down to one thing.


Socially of course, but still, it’s networking. Now, if you have images in your mind of a bunch of stuffy shirts at a local Networking Breakfast where one person frome ach industry is allowed only, then forget it, you’re doing it wrong.

Think ‘Cheers’ without the beer and you are getting closer. See we all found one thing in common when we looked into it and it’s this. When we first started into a new channel (again twitter in this case) none of us knew anyone. It was like the first day at school in a new disctrict – we were the new kids. Even though we had a basic understanding of the environment (I found twitter pretty intuitive – and it’s like school, theyre pretty much the same) we had absolutely NO CLUE what to do, and knew absolutely NO-ONE!

What we found over time, and you will too, is that after hanging out and following a few interesting people, replying to tweets, retweeting the things we liked and getting settled in we made friends. And those friends introduced us to other friends (retweeting our content), and those friends introduced more friends and so on and so on until we had a following of people and some real live interesting connections.

It also became REAL easy to spot the bots – those people sending out masses of automated messages about their products or services, or some affiliate link or what have you. Those guys just sounded like androids standing in the corner of the playgound shouting out commercials (think Data from Star Trek with a glitch so he keeps saying the same thing over and over). Those guys lost friends fast, real people want real people. Funny that huh?

So what’s this have to do with business?

Simple. After getting to know me, and what I do, and how I do it, and what results I have gotten, and a whole myriad of other things about me, my online friends began to hire me, refer me, promote me and push me forwards for opportunities. That’s how. Just like ‘real life’ funnily enough 😀

So here’s my ONE SIMPLE STEP to creating a social media strategy for your business.

Build 5 genuine, solid connections, and be yourself.

If you ‘rinse and repeat’ this process over and over, you will build a fantastic network online and THEY will promote your business for you.

Does that make sense?

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