Stop ‘Creating’ and Start ‘JOINING’

Well I’m not sure this post it going to be all that popular.

You see what I have to say today is a bit harsh.

A bit controversial.

A bit of a bite.

I’m going to say it though, even though I know it won’t be all roses and goldfish, because I feel it needs to be said.

So here it is.


You are HURTING the people you are trying to HELP!!!

You see I come across soooooo maaaaannnnyyy dead projects, dead pages, dead groups, dead websites, dead forums, dead… everything online.  Projects created by people with the best intentions, to ‘start a <insert page/group/forum/profile etc> for people that love green-eyed siamese cats from Uzebekistan’ or whatever, only to abandon them to the dreaded wasteland of ‘no-one ever bloody comes here anymore’.

And it sucks!

It sucks because if most people had bothered to take a STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD and thought for just a minute, they might have found a place that already exists – and maybe, just maybe THAT place could do with one more fan of green-eyed cats from Uzbekistan.  Let’s face it, there cant be that many right?

Sadly this is not the norm.

MOST people act in the flurry of frenzied dot-com craziness that grips you with white-knuckle fever and slams you forward into you keyboard-fueled mania, furiously typing out the required forms to ‘create a new THING’ online… while the already existing cat-lover heaven dies the slow-death of loneliness, wishing the information super-highway would finally give it the road-kill death it deserves.

So please, PLEASE do NOT create ANYTHING NEW… until you have Googled that subject to DEATH and back, scouring the interwebs for any shred of evidence that someone, some other electronic angel has come before you and built your cat-haven for you.



Now, I know I’m poking fun here, but in all seriousness this is a real problem.  If you are a person with a good intention to help out and create a ‘group’ online to support your ’cause’ … please pause.

The chances are someone else has done this part already, and could REALLY use your help!  The internet NEEDS people like you, people that care, people that research, people that share and promote and contribute and help build the beautiful thing that this internet has become.

So PLEASE support them.

Making one more group just means the potential target audience for your cause just got cut in half.  Now both of you are less effective for it, and your cause will suffer because of it.

DON’T create a new ‘thing’… just join the closest thing to you.

They will love you more for it.

</ end rant>