Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics

google anayltics social media trackingGoogle Analytics has added a Social Media tracking component into it’s already power-house analytics offering. This confirms and builds on Google’s increasing interest in how social media collates and curates internet content – which is essentially human-moderation at it’s best.

Last year Google let slip that it was tracking the number of Tweets and Likes on pages and including them in the algorythm for search engine optimisation (SEO) – so effectively those pages which were retweeted or Liked more often that others would rise through the search rankings and gain higher placement. Want a #1 spot for your keyword choices? Create and promote content on that subject and get as many people to Like and Retweet your content as possible.

OK, so it’s not that simple yet, but it does have an impact! Big enough of an impact for Google to now add Social Data to it’s Analytics.

You need to go through a brief setup process, so google knows which pages and accounts to track, and then you need to alter your tracking codes in your pages but the process is simple enough. If you setup Analytics on your own site this will be a no-brainer, but if you didn’t set yours up I’d recommend contacting your web master to have them do it for you.

There is a great post about the details here: Google Analytics Adds Social Data : which I recommend you read through. Then get in touch with your web guy and get them to set this up for you asap!