YouTube Marketing for Dummies

Or is that BY Dummies! This short video is absolutely hilarious 🙂 – Watch as Max and Gabe make a hatchet job of all your favourite ‘get rich quick’ infommercial videos.

Now, all jokes aside, these guys are showing us 2 things.

1. Youtube Marketing is making BIG BUCKS!!

2. ANYONE can get in front of a camera and introduce their product, service or offering.

One of the best ways to generate leads on your website is to combine a short, powerful introduction video that compels people to watch and take action.  Simply asking people to fill in a form can improve your opt-in rate dramatically!

So, you see that old digital handycam sitting on the shelf collecting dust?  How about putting the $500 you spent on it to good use, and make it earn you TEN TIMES that much in your business!

Give it a go 🙂


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